The Truth Behind the Fitness Industry: Looks vs Health

The fitness industry is a multi-billion pound business that is centred around promoting a healthy lifestyle. However, it is important to question if the industry is truly prioritising health over looks. Unfortunately, some of you may have experienced toxic environments when using a gym, where body shaming is common and the pressure to look a certain way is the core approach. 

At The Green Gym Group we strive to create a positive environment that helps you grow in confidence, and learn to be proud that you are taking steps to look after your own well-being whether physically, mentally or emotionally. We strive to encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle and change your mindset to be confident in your own body.


The Focus on Aesthetics

In recent years, social media has played a major role in how the fitness industry markets its products and services. It is not uncommon to see fitness influencers and models promoting all sorts of equipment or supplements in order to obtain the “perfect body”, which is often unachievable for people whose fitness isn’t their career.

The industry is flooded with products such as ab-toning devices and other quick-fix remedies that promise to help you achieve the ideal look in a short amount of time. The focus has shifted towards obtaining the “perfect body” at any cost rather than focusing on true health and wellness.

We know that the real goal is a healthy you, achieved by helping you set realistic targets and then encouraging you to hit them with a sustainable workout routine and balanced diet. We have an example of one of our routines on our website, but do speak to our PTs first to make sure your routine is right for you.


Man lifting weights


The Danger of Fad Diets

Fad diets have become popular methods for individuals to attain their ideal body goals. Many of these diets are marketed as quick and easy ways to lose weight, but they can be extremely dangerous to your overall health.

Fad diets, such as juice cleanses and low-carb approaches, often restrict necessary nutrients and can cause severe harm to the body. They may lead to a temporary loss of weight, but it is not a sustainable or healthy way of living and you are likely to just regain the weight when you reintroduce a regular diet again. 

A balanced diet matched with your lifestyle is the only way to a healthier you, which is why we have created a recipe library to show you just some of the wide array of dishes which you can introduce as part of a sustainable diet.


Healthy bowl of food


Prioritising Overall Health

So, how can we ensure that you prioritise overall health?

It is important to shift the focus back to thinking about fitness as a way of life and not just a means to achieve a certain look. Our Personal Trainers will encourage you to approach it as a holistic healthy lifestyle rather than just a quick fix for weight loss, which includes balancing your physical and mental health with tailored workouts and healthy, whole foods.

At The Green Gym Group we promote an acceptance of diverse body types. This encourages the idea of feeling confident in your own skin, regardless of body shape, size, or weight.

The fitness industry in general has placed too much emphasis on looks rather than overall health and we think it’s important for everyone to shift their focus to promoting a truly healthy lifestyle that is diverse and inclusive. Let’s focus on your health, not just looks.

If you want to check out the gym or speak to one of our Personal Trainers, then head to contact us section at the bottom of our website by clicking here.