Please choose from EITHER of the following:
Meat, Poultry and Fish ingredients OR the Vegetarian Alternatives

Meat, Poultry, and Fish
2 rashers lean unsmoked back bacon
3 chicken drumsticks
310g fresh chicken breast
160g extra lean steak mince
175g rump steak
160g rump steak strips
180g diced lamb leg
3 venison sausages
310g lean turkey breast mince
290g salmon fillet
225g white fish fillets

Vegetarian Alternatives
2 rashers vegetarian back bacon*
825g vegetarian chicken*
340g low fat vegetarian beef mince*
310g low fat vegetarian turkey mince*
160g vegetarian beef*
3 vegetarian sausages*
520g fresh firm low fat tofu*

Chilled Section
60g low fat hummus

Fruit & Vegetables
260g fresh spinach leaves
20 baby plum tomatoes
3 medium sized vine tomatoes
70g asparagus
1 red bell pepper
2 green bell peppers
75g closed cup mushrooms
175g carrots
100g celery
150g broccoli
100g tender stem broccoli
75g cucumber
100g spinach, rocket & watercress leaves
75g mixed lettuce leaves
100g sweet gem lettuce leaves
1 large avocado

2 medium sized red onions
4 medium sized white onions
125g shallots
75g spring onions
100g all rounder potatoes
3 medium sized sweet potatoes
160g garden peas
30g fresh lemongrass
100g curly kale
2 green chillis (optional)
3 red chillis (optional)
200g blueberries – fresh or frozen
1 medium sized banana
2 lemons
75g raspberries – fresh or frozen
2 kiwi fruit
4 nectarines
100g fresh strawberries

Fresh Herbs
1 small pack fresh coriander

Dry Goods
16 medium sized free range eggs
160g tinned sweetcorn
1 x 200g tin chopped tomatoes
1 x 150g tin chickpeas in water
1 small jar Thai red curry paste
1.75 litres unsweetened almond milk
150 ml reduced fat coconut milk
50g spaghetti*
1 tube tomato purée
300g packet tomato passata
1 small bottle fish sauce “Nam Pla”

1 small pot lemon & thyme seasoning
1 small pot steak seasoning
1 small small pot chicken seasoning (or
use dried oregano)
1 small pot ground coriande

*Note: Some meat-free alternatives contain gluten and/or MSG.
Check the label before you buy.